Design Process


Landscaping can be a major improvement to your property.  Did you know that you easily can add 15% value to your property by having your landscape professionally designed and installed.  Curbside appeal is critical if you are thinking of selling your home, or if you simply want to make the community a more beautiful place to live.  

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1. Set up initial free landscape consultation.  During this phase, we will discuss the wants and needs of the client, understand clients prefrences and style, educate the client on different options and pricing, and survey the property.  During this meeting, it is always helpful for the clients to obtain a copy of the plat of survey and house plans to give to our designers. 

2. Create a conceptual plan or first draft designThis drawing will give the client a better idea of the designers vision for the project.  From this drawing, feedback will be given and modifications will be made.  It is not uncommon for the drawing to be left with the client for a short period of time, in order to obtain the best feedback possible.  At this time, a rough estimate can be created upon request.

3. Create final draft design.  After modifications of the initial conceptual plan have been made, the final draft design is ready.  Changes can still be made during this stage, but typically tend to be minor changes to shapes, sizes, or plants.  At this time, a precise estimate will be given.

4. Phase the project.  It is very common for a client to phase a project into stages.  Our goal is to educate you to make the best decision on how to phase the project, and what parts of the project to complete during each phase. 
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